About Us

Origin & Mission

The All India Exporters’ Chamber is a premier export organization which came into being through an amalgamation of the Africa and Overseas Exporters Chambers which was established in 1939 and the All India Exporters’ Association established in 1943.  This Chamber is a pioneer institution serving the interests of exporting  community since 1959 and has carved out for itself a name both among the exporting community and government agencies and it is indeed a matter of pride that the Chamber was inaugurated by late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Commerce Minister of India.


Focus on Efficiency

Gearing for growth is a dynamic process in terms of the Chamber’s leadership and organizational structure.  The fulfillment of its responsibility is achieved through establishment of a Managing Committee and a management system which provides for delegation of authority, together with the constant communication and review operations measured against approved plans.


Spectrum of Services – Aims and Objectives

To add impetus and clarify to the process of development, the Chamber offers services like:

  • To promote trade, commerce and industry in India in general and exports in particular to assist exporters in the development of foreign trade;
  • The Chamber proactively deals with services-related aspects like shipping and transport, banking insurance and other related matters;
  • To keep in touch with national and international chambers, other commercial and public organisations with a view to evolve measures for stimulating trade;
  • To sensitize Government and other authorities about removing handicaps and hindrances coming in the way of smooth operations of foreign trade;
  • Liasing with banks for credit facilities and liberalizing terms;
  • Keeping liasing with DGFT office to sort out problems of exporters;
  • Circulating Government notifications such as Customs notifications, Central Excise notifications and RBI circulars;
  • Issuing Certificates of Origin, endorsing invoices, attesting contracts etc.
  • Helping to obtain Visas for visiting overseas countries;
  • Arranging Seminars and Meeting with concerned authorities.


Commitment to Development

This Chamber has an enviable portfolio of strong and well established representation in different Government bodies as well as private service organisations like EPCs, Central Advisory Committee (Mumbai), Central Excise Zonal Grievance Redressal Committee Mumbai, Customs Advisory Committee/Public Grievance Cell (Mumbai), Federation of Indian Export Organisation, Indian Merchants’ Chamber; Indian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce (New Delhi) etc.